Nick Derry - Wildlife Artist

Nick Derry SWLA

Welcome to my site, I'm an award winning British artist living in France.

Starting always with sketching what I see in nature, I take the raw images back to the studio where I play. Using whatever media and methods take my fancy, the creative process becomes an exploration of the excitement of watching birds and other living creatures.

I work from field sketches, bits of scribbles and paint that are collected whilst watching wildlife. Only from direct observation is it possible to see a bird's character well enough to attempt to imitate it on paper. In the field I use pencil and watercolour for ease and rapidity. Back in the studio the possibilities are endless, all manner of things find their way into my work, my table is covered in bits of old magazines, glue, pencils, wax crayons and paint that get slapped onto the paper as I try to balance expressive freedom and restrained accuracy. Pictures that don't meet my fickle standards often get reworked under layers of paper and acrylics. Whilst impatiently waiting for things to dry, I'll usually be working on other pictures. An evening of tranquil painting can very easily turn into a whole night of sleepless frenetic expression. 


 Bienvenue sur mon site, je suis un artiste britannique récompensé demeurant en France.

Pour réaliser mes tableaux, je travaille toujours à partir de mes croquis. A partir de ces images 'récoltées' dans la nature, je joue avec mes idées et différentes techniques, en explorant les couleurs, les textures et les motifs. Des fois, l'expression artistique m'emmène loin du point de départ et le tableau qui résulte est souvent une surprise pour moi-même.



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